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Mr Moles!

Items above are only for boys.

Best Buys : Bubblegum Bubble, Sunburst Mask, Giant Lolly, and the Rainbow Set!

Items above are only for girls.



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Mr. Moles via SkyPlatform

Thanks Zacsky. I'm too lazy to make my own picture. Visit his site!

I really enjoy this week. More than last week in fact. Grab the Monster Slippers this week and the Stuffed Voodoo Doll. The Jester Hat might also be a good grab. And if you didn’t last week then get the Alpha Blaster.

If I have enough gems I’ll buy everything this week except for the Octi-On-Your-Head and the Pushed Up Goggles.

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ourWorld goes Spooky

Click photos to enlarge them to greater detail if required.

  • Nevermore will remain the same.
  • Unable to retrieve photo of Boardwalk due to people standing around.

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Mystery Mart!

All Image Credits go to Zacky theskyplatform

Obviously something got messed up in the ourWorld code because according to the News Kiosk Mr. Mole brought the new items. But when you venture to Wonderland he has the items in the above picture but at least he brought three items he hasn’t brought in a while!

Items underlined in black are items that we, bloggers think are going to be really valuable one day. Items underlined in red are items that I am most likely going to buy today.

Hurry off to Wonderland!

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