December 25, 2010

This is the new theme for Prey’s ourWorld Guides and it will be released on December 25, 2010! Hope you like it.

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→ Welcome to Prey’s ourWorld Test!

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Local ourWorld News

→ Want a goat on ourWorld? Want to donate a goat in realWorld? Got 300 Gems? ←

↓ Then get Gabe the Goat ↓↑ Then get Gabe the Goat ↑

→ Codes posted! ←

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December 13th Updates

Gabe the Goat | NEW Snaps Backgrounds | NEW Gem Layout
Not only do you get a cute sprite to stalk you everywhere you go but you also help World Vision give a needy family a REAL goat!

With these new Snaps backgrounds you can capture the memories of Winter 2010!

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December 13 Updates

Gabe the Goat | NEW Snaps Backgrounds | New Gems Layout

This is Gabe the Goat. He really wants to be your cute pet and he also wants to help give a real goat to a needy family. I don’t get why a family would want a goat but whatever.

Get some Winter 2010 pictures at Snaps with these Winter backgrounds!

All these updates are scheduled for December 13, 2010! There may be some more updates we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Archibald Hatching Guide

Red Nest gives you a Red Wolf
Blue Nest gives you a White Wolf
Grey Nest gives you a Grey Wolf
Yellow Nest gives you a Yellow Wolf
Green Nest gives you a Brown Wolf
Purple Nest gives you a Black Wolf


Image Courtesy of my good friends at ourGemCodes!


The sellback on this egg is not 17,000 it is 10,000 and it does not go towards your Garden Score.

This egg costs 17 gems and cannot be gifted.

Make sure to place the egg in the nest according to the guide above to get the desired color.

Archibald Egg takes 24 hours to hatch and gives a 20% Flow Boost.

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Mr. Moles – December 3, 2010

I recommend getting the Dramatic Cape, Giant Lolly, Sunburst Mask, and Epic Pencil. However get whatever you like!

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