July Updates

July Updates Part III

New Flow Layout | Garage Stuff | Swim Suits

[ Click For HQ ]

These awesome swim suits come with July Updates Part II on Monday!

July Updates Part II

New Familiars | Garage | Swim Gear | People in Living Room | New Games

[ Click For HQ ]And like always these updates will be on the LIVE Server next Monday!


Prom Updates to Sideshow

Grand Prize – 1000 Gems
Cute OurWorld Prom: A little love story
Tae Boom
Alice Pak

2nd Place – 500 Gems
The Mystery Boy

3rd Place – 250 Gems
A Cinderfella Story

July Updates

Hey all it is xCae one last time before I leave for Summer Camp! And I have the updates  for July that are coming out not this Monday but next Monday. I hope you enjoy the theme of werewolves Residents because I don’t. The whole time I’ve been Resident they’ve given out shitty stuff. Fuzzy Wuzzy Chair, Discoball, Sacred Tree, and now a moon. Wow!

Well enough of my babel bring on the monkeys. Introducing the new Mystery Box!

Items are self-explanatory. And of course as you know there is always a new room that costs 100 Gems! This time we have the bathroom!

I’m so getting a Bathroom when it comes out! And I’m gonna have a party in my Bathroom! Yeh! No just kidding. Anyway they have some pretty cool items for the bathroom! Look a new category!

I’ll make a list of the bathroom items if I have time but for now I do not.  But you can get a sneak peek here!

Sneak Peek of Bathroom Items!

Moving on. We now have avatar generated messages!

Awesome! This is gonna help me out with friend requests that way I don’t accidentally accept n00bs! I love it ourWorld!

Awesome we now have scores in Critter Garden! I knew this was coming because Critter Garden is considered a game!

Awesome! I’ll be whopping butt on the Live Server when this thing comes out. I’m looking forward to seeing what my score is and I bet you are too!

And I have to credit Wolf for this because nobody has sent me their heart on Playtest. You can now remove unwanted hearts. Like hearts from n00bs or hearts from players that have quit ourWorld.

Remember that pic is from Wolf! You can find his blog on the Famous Blogs page.

Now it is time for the monthly items!

Oh yeah nearly forgot about the new games!

And the Resident Item is a moon type thing. To see a Sneak Peek of what it can look like visit this link!

Sneak Peek

And one last thing there is a new meta page!

You can now change the language before logging on! Wicked sweet!

New Updates

New Games

Guest Room

There is no new furniture for you to decorate your Guest Room with but there is a new Condo Mystery Box!

New Condo Mystery Box

Only for your condo. I’m looking forward to seeing what the ourWorld staff has in it. Will it be similar to the Clothing Transformation Mystery Box? I hope it will be even cooler!

New Garden Power-Up

Get the Golden Hammer for only 10 Gems and allow your friends to hatch your Critters when you are away! This might just come in handy!

Gems on Save

New Players get awarded 20 gems when they save their account! These gems cannot be used for gifting but can be used for the n00b if you are interested in making a n00b account soon!


Sounds cool but it isn’t cool. It is just another Super Rewards/Gambit thing. And as you already know half the offers don’t even work.

Transformation Items – Slime

These items go along with Bob the Blob!

  • Slime Lamp
  • Toxic Splatter
  • Toxic Warning
  • Toxic Flow Barrel
  • Toxic Flow Spill
  • Slime Fridge

Mystery Box is for Condo and costs 30 gems! There are more items than this! This is just a spoiler.

Transformation Items – Gorgon

These items go along with the Gorgon Hair!

  • Snake Eyes
  • Three Headed Snake
  • Baby Snake

Transformation Items – Eye

These items go along with the Third Eye!

  • Eye Dresser

Transformation Items – Djinn

These items go along with the Djinn Smoke!

  • Djinn Chair
  • Deadly Moon Door

Transformation Items – Rock

These items go along with the Rock Golem Boots!

  • Rock Chair
  • Rock Table
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