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December Update III/January Update I

Frost Box Home Page | Jan. 2011 Resident Item | Jan. 2011 Diadem | Jan. 2011 Aura

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Transfiguration Sprout - January 2011 Resident Item

Zodiac Aura - January 2011 Monthly Item

Zodiac Diadem - January 2011 Monthly Item

All available Diadem and Aura Styles.

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December 13th Updates

Gabe the Goat | NEW Snaps Backgrounds | NEW Gem Layout
Not only do you get a cute sprite to stalk you everywhere you go but you also help World Vision give a needy family a REAL goat!

With these new Snaps backgrounds you can capture the memories of Winter 2010!

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December 13 Updates

Gabe the Goat | NEW Snaps Backgrounds | New Gems Layout

This is Gabe the Goat. He really wants to be your cute pet and he also wants to help give a real goat to a needy family. I don’t get why a family would want a goat but whatever.

Get some Winter 2010 pictures at Snaps with these Winter backgrounds!

All these updates are scheduled for December 13, 2010! There may be some more updates we’ll just have to wait and see!

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December 1st Updates

Christmas Islands                                  Credit : Hollywood

December Updates                                        Credit : Prey

Visit the Home Page to find out what everything is!

More Coming Soon!

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November III Updates

Frost Box 2010

This year’s Frost Box will be released on November 15 and you will have until January 2011 to purchase it.

Click to view items!

Absolute Zero Box

This box is for your condo. You will have from November 15 to February 15, 2011 to purchase one.

Click to view items!

New Critter

It appears as if there will be a new critter egg for Critter Garden!

New Critter Garden critter!

New Loading Screen

When changing rooms this is what it will look like come November 15.

New Games

You saw this here first! Feel free to use any of the images above.

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November Updates

Favorite a Message .:. New Condo Items .:. New Games .:. Hobby Room

Like a message and want to keep it forever? Well now you can favorite a message to keep it because pretty soon ourWorld will begin removing emails that are over a month old.

Hit the ‘Save This’ button and a pop-up box will appear. Hit yes if you want to save the email. Hit no if you don’t want to save it.

If you want to unstar a message there is a button for that also!

If an email has a star next to it then that means that the email is favorited and will be saved forever!


These are the new items for the Hobby Room. Some of them are portals to games!



The Hobby Room will finally be coming! And as always it will cost 100 Gems.

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New Dance Moves

High Five, Hop, Arm Life, Left Hand Shimmy, Mover, Shaker, Chopper, Grand Goodbye, Waddle, Running Man, Hot Feet, Swinging Arms, Small Hop, Wallet, Wave, Chunga, You Didn’t, Kick Start, Double Spin, Slap Happy, Kremlin, Ta Da, Chopper, Arm Drop, Crane, Change It Up, Strafe, One…Two…Three, Grinder, Stretch, X Factor, Step Out, Side to Side, and Power March.

You will recieve these dance moves next time you level up. Level 100s do not have the moves yet.

YAY!!!! Dance Moves for every level!!!!

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