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Haunted House Box Items

Full List

Nightmare Spider
Missing : Widow Table
Evil Unicorn Random

-[ Section Complete ]-

Contributors : CK BraceFacee, CK SkyeLogic, Marketplace

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Fright Box 2010 Items

NOTE : This box is not on ourWorld yet. Keep checking the ourWorld Updates page for further info of when this box will be released.

COPYRIGHT NOTE : If you use this image please give full and clear credit to CK BraceFacee and JJ Jake1997. Remember I help Jake now.

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Circus Prop Mystery Box Items

List (Complete)

Bigtop Bed
Bigtop Chair
Diving Pool
One Ton Weight
Hay Bell
Juggling Pin Table
Circus Unicorn
Circus Elephant
Ringmaster Table
Ring of Fire Table
Tiger Poster
Balance Ball Seat


Missing Items: Bigtop Bed, Ring of Fire Table, Juggling Pin Table, Explosions, and Diving Pool.

Have these items? Want to contribute? Email your name to and I will get in touch with you via ourWorld. Also please include the items that you have in the email. Or email me on ourWorld!

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