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Christmas Holiday 2010 Clothing

Click images for larger versions. Items will be available on December 1st.


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November Items

This will be the November 2010 Resident Item. It is a theme and it is animated! The yellow streak is a shooting star! Click image to make it larger!

The yellow hammer is only for boys and the pink hammer is only for girls. You should be able to distinguish the male and female armor and boots for yourself. Click image to make it larger.

If you use these images please provide clear and full credit to Prey and Lukasphere. Thanks, Prey.

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October 2010 Resident Item

Click Image to make it bigger!

This is probably the coolest Resident Item ever! Place it in your Condo and then you can walk in to it! It is basically like ourWorld is giving Residents 100 Gems this month (a new condo room)! You can decorate the interior to your heart’s extent!


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October Monthly Items

Click on an image to make it bigger! To view the rest of the updates click here!

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