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Archibald Hatching Guide

Red Nest gives you a Red Wolf
Blue Nest gives you a White Wolf
Grey Nest gives you a Grey Wolf
Yellow Nest gives you a Yellow Wolf
Green Nest gives you a Brown Wolf
Purple Nest gives you a Black Wolf


Image Courtesy of my good friends at ourGemCodes!


The sellback on this egg is not 17,000 it is 10,000 and it does not go towards your Garden Score.

This egg costs 17 gems and cannot be gifted.

Make sure to place the egg in the nest according to the guide above to get the desired color.

Archibald Egg takes 24 hours to hatch and gives a 20% Flow Boost.

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Critter Garden Eggs [ Updated 12.08.10 ]

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Critter Garden Guide #2

Q. I think there are some new eggs. Are there?

A. Yes, there are some new eggs. Every other Monday ourWorld adds two new eggs!

Q. I had all the eggs unlocked but now I don’t.

A. ourWorld adds two new eggs every other Monday. The latest additions are the Water Fairy Egg and the Punk Pig Egg.

Q. How do I unlock the Yippy Monster Egg?

A. Just keep on hatching random eggs.

Q. Can I play Critter Garden on another site.

A. No. ourWorld created Critter Garden.

Q. I don’t have a Garden. How do I buy one?

A. Everybody has a Garden. Visit your condo and click on the button that says Living Room. You’ll see a map. Click on Garden.

Q. I can’t put my new theme in my Garden why?

A. I hate this too. You can only use the Farm Theme for your Garden.

Q. What happens when I unlock all the eggs?

A. Nothing at all.

Q. How do I check my friend’s scores?

A. Visit their Garden or check your Leaderboard in your Garden.

Q. Can I buy the Critters I hatch?

A. Yes, if it is Giga. They cost 10 gems each.

Q. When will another guide be made?

A. Guide #3 will be made whenever it is needed.

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Easy Seeds

How can I buy myself seeds?

  • Make a n00b.
  • Level it up to level 25.
  • Save the n00b’s coins.
  • Visit your real Garden and gift seeds!
  • Don’t overdue the seeds save coins so you can keep up a running amount of flowers.

Is the n00b good for anything else?

Hell yeah. Now that it is on level 25 you can gift with gems! Send your real account the clothing you want. 2 in one combo package. Gems for clothes and Coins for seeds!

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Critter Garden Guide #2

Q. How do I go to my Garden?

A. Go to your condo then click ‘Living Room’ then click on the Garden.

Q. Okay so how do I hatch my eggs?

A. You start off with three available eggs. The Ghostly Ghost Egg, the Nature Fairy Egg, and the Sheep Egg. You also start off with three nests. The Fire Nest, Snow Nest, and Nature Nest. Purchase at least one nest and then place an egg in it. Wait for the Egg to hatch and come back before it escapes.

Q. How do I know when to come back so that my critter doesn’t escape?

A. If you chose a Sheep Egg then you have 4-8 hours before it escapes. If you chose a Nature Fairy Egg then you you have 1-2 days before it escapes. If you chose a Ghostly Ghost Egg then you have 4-8 days before it escapes.

Q. Can I get payed more money for the critters?

A. Yes, you can get paid more money for the critters. When you go to place an egg in a nest it says upgrade 1,000 coins (first 3 nests) if the nest is on level 1. If you upgrade to level 2 then the next upgrade costs 10 gems (first 3 nests). The upgrade from level 3 is 10 more gems (first 3 nests). And level 4 is the highest you can go for now.

Q. Why did you say first 3 nests? Are there more?

A. Yes. You can unlock the Electric Nest, the Dark Nest, and the Tech Nest. There are also more eggs.

Q. More eggs? What other eggs are there?

A. There is a Dolphin Egg, a Sun Fairy Egg, an Owl Egg, a Shark Egg, a Flying Snake Egg, an Octopus Egg, a Lightning Fairy Egg, a Magifish Egg, a Bat Egg, and a Ghostly Cat Egg. There are also two special eggs the Puff Puff Trio Egg, and the Yappy Monster Egg.


Stay tuned for the rest coming soon…