August Updates

August Updates Part IV

On August 23, 2010 you will receive : Stores : Circus Prop Mystery Box .:. Handbags | Critter Garden : Punk Pig Egg .:. Water Fairy | Monthly Items : Ent Mask .:. Ent Gloves .:. Ent Scarf .:. Ent Shoes .:. Resident Hidden Grove Throne | Other : New Games .:. Replaced Yellow Boxes with Grey Boxes


To view the Handbags, Resident Item, and Monthly Items click here!

August Updates Part III

On August 9, 2010 you will receive : Critter Garden : Giant Yappy Monster .:. Seeds .:. Harold the Hawk | Condo : Binary Papers .:. Tech Papers .:. Holodeck Papers .:. Beep Papers

August Updates Part 2

New Games | Cirque Condo Mystery Box | Armor Papers | Circuit Papers


August Updates Part 1

New Meta/Cirque Mystery Box/Critter Garden Updates/Ninja Kiwi/Resident Item/Monthly Item/Monthly Item/Monthly Item

Lower Prices for Critter Eggs. Higher Sell Prices for Rare Critters. When checking the leaderboards you can click on a friend to visit their Garden!

All Ninja Kiwi Games have been removed from ourWorld.

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