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Mr. Moles Mystery Mart

Mr. Moles is back! With all these recent Bing Offers you should be able to buy half the stuff he brought in today!

I recommend getting the headphones since they are old and probably won’t come again.

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Web Hunt #46 Answers

  1. Red
  2. If I don’t make this potion in time.
  3. 15 Gems
  4. Let’s get out of here!
  5. xl Criss lx
  6. Enter your ourWorld Username

E-mail the answers with “Web Hunt #46″ in the subject line to

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November Updates

Favorite a Message .:. New Condo Items .:. New Games .:. Hobby Room

Like a message and want to keep it forever? Well now you can favorite a message to keep it because pretty soon ourWorld will begin removing emails that are over a month old.

Hit the ‘Save This’ button and a pop-up box will appear. Hit yes if you want to save the email. Hit no if you don’t want to save it.

If you want to unstar a message there is a button for that also!

If an email has a star next to it then that means that the email is favorited and will be saved forever!


These are the new items for the Hobby Room. Some of them are portals to games!



The Hobby Room will finally be coming! And as always it will cost 100 Gems.

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Mr. Moles!

Mr. Moles came with more new items and some older cool items! I got the Head Shark and the Head Monkey. I’m waiting on the Mask.

What did you get?

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Web Hunt #45

Reward : 20 Gems

Expires : 10.26.10

  1. 6 Eyes
  2. 33 Gems
  3. Login in to Facebook and type “@ourWorld (Enter your Halloween Costume Here)
  4. Taffy
  5. Safeway
  6. (Enter your Userneame Here)

Send answers to with Web Hunt #45 in the Subject Line.

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Mr Moles brought new Items!

Mr. Moles is back and he brought tons of new items that we have been waiting for! Can’t wait to see next week!

I got all the Rainbow Stuff, the Slinger Belt, and the Voodoo Doll. What about you?

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November Items

This will be the November 2010 Resident Item. It is a theme and it is animated! The yellow streak is a shooting star! Click image to make it larger!

The yellow hammer is only for boys and the pink hammer is only for girls. You should be able to distinguish the male and female armor and boots for yourself. Click image to make it larger.

If you use these images please provide clear and full credit to Prey and Lukasphere. Thanks, Prey.

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