Nevermore was one of the first updates made to ourWorld in 2010. When it was first released it only had Midnite Cafe, Skeleton Key, and the Raven Mart. It did not have the Dungeon for a while.

You unlock Nevermore at level 10. Usually nobody is at Nevermore but every once in a while you run into an equal number of high and low levels. Beware of the octopus.

<—:::—Skeleton Key Dungeon—:::—>

Upon walking around the different islands you might find a key. Both tourists and residents can find keys but only residents can redeem them for a prize. If you find a key then visit Dungeon Master Bob outside of the Dungeon to see what prizes you can get.

Prizes range from gems, to wishing stars, to expired Mystery Boxes. If you find a Golden Key then you can use it for a prize in the Skeleton Key Dungeon but if you acquire a Crystal Key then you can use it in the Crystal Dungeon! Go find a key now!

<—:::—Midnite Cafe—:::—>

Want a Flow Boosting Treat? Head over to Midnite Cafe and see what tasty treats you can get? Maybe Octi-On-A-Stick? But beware these tasty treats are temporary.

<—:::—Skeleton Key—:::—>

Feeling gothic? Head on over to Skeleton Key and get some of Edwin’s goth clothing and furniture. Oh and while you are over there be sure to tell him, “Hey”. He sometimes gets depressed.

Also grab a Fright Box or a Haunted Box and see what cool items you can get! Items include Devourer Scarf, Danny the Dancing Devil, Crazy Candy, Catacomb Entrance, Toilet Paper, and Witch Doctor Boots.

<—:::—Raven Mart—:::—>

Only on Wednesdays head over to the far left side of Nevermore. There is a raven that will sell you items 20% off. Like Get Upz except a wider selection and not for competition.


Are you done exploring Nevermore? Then go visit the sweet Wonderland! All you have to do is get in a coffin. It isn’t that bad. Just ask the pile of bones next to it.

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