The following updates may come with next update and may come with the update after next update or maybe never come at all. It all depends on what FlowPlay has to say about it.

-[ New Meta Page ]-

-[ New Incoming Screen ]-


To replace Otto, Vernicia, Volla, and Melvin.

-[ Residency Passes ]-


Head on over to Enchantments to buy Residency with Gems. If you have Gems but no money don't worry you can still become a Resident! So Tourists start saving your weekly 20 Gems.

-[ Golden Broom ]-

With one click of your mouse all your nests will be prepared! Well worth the Gems!

-[ Halloween Costumes ]-

Some of the Halloween Costumes.

Some female Halloween Dresses.

A Halloween Hat. Not a Mr. Mole Item.

A Halloween Item. Not a Mr. Mole Item.

-[ New Mole Items ]-

Mr. Mole will be bringing new items with him every Friday after the next update. He might still bring some old items but he will be adding some new items to his inventory so get ready to see more new items coming to ourWorld. Remember Fridays in Wonderland.

View the post that was posted after this.

-[ New Profile Gifts ]-

-[ Full-Screen Profiles ]-

Takes up the whole screen and now you Chat History will pop up over the profile again! I randomly chose this profile.

-[ More Badge Space ]-

With a bigger profile comes more space to arrange your badges. Randomly chose this profile.

-[ New Games ]-

Click to Play Game

More new Games!

Click to Play Game

Click to Play Game

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