September 2010 Newsletter


-[Hidden Grove Throne]-

A grove of trees has sprouted in your Condo! Use them as a grand throne, or to add a little greenery to your place. Residents only!

To see what this throne looks like check the sidebar.

-[Plant Flowers]-

Plant flowers that attract more rare Critters when they bloom in your friends’ Garden.

-[Forest Spirit Clothing Set]-

This month only can you get the Forest Spirit Clothing Set and let nature take you over. To see what this clothing set looks like check out the sidebar.

-[Leafy Clothing Set]-

To go along with this month’s monthly items ourWorld has brought in the cheap Leafy Clothing Set. To see what these items look like check out the sidebar.

-Coming Soon-

-[Fright Mystery Box]-

Get the all-new fright filled box for your delight! Be a little devilish and wicked with these eerie items. Also there is a little dancing devil waiting to be your pet! Available until the end of October.

-[Haunted House Mystery Box]-

With this terrifying new Box, you can turn your Condo into a spooky spectacle! Only available until October 31st.

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