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Battle Craft Teaser

All info on this post is from SkyeLogic and LunaLocket. Visit their site.

-[ Starter Warrior ]-

-[ Starter Mage ]-

-[ Hostiles ]-

All Battle Craft Info is pending. This may or may not be released on their is no set date for the release. There is also not much info.

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October 4th Updates

Be sure to check out the ourWorld Updates page for the rest of the updates! All updates are pending and may or may not be released on October 4th. There may also be more updates.

-[ New Meta Page ]-

-[ ourWorld Pre-Paid Cards ]-

Hit the stores and see if you can find an ourWorld Pre-Paid Card. I know I’m gonna buy a few. You can get some pretty sweet sprites from these cards. Look up to see them, or down. These cards will be sold in Kroger, Safeway, possibly WalMart, Toys R’ Us, and many other stores.

There may be a three month card or some gem cards but as of now we only know about the $10 card that will get you 300 Gems and 1 month Residency.

You can also get Damien the Demon as shown in the first picture.

-[ New Games ]-

Finally a replacement for Bloons! Ragdoll Spree! You will be able to play these three games on the fourth or you can search them on Google. Oh and do check out Caden playing Visible III on the ourWorld Blog.

-[ Enchantments : Halloween Sprites ]-

Patricia the Pumpkin Spirit and the Ghostly Duo

-[ Profile Updates ]-

On your About Page you now have more space for your About, Flag, and Hearts again! Which means less space for your Crew and Gifts! I so love this update.

Also you will be experiencing  few changes to the Appearance Page.

I personally like the Zoom In and Out button at the bottom. I also love that you can now change your hair on this page!

-[ Trick Or Treating ]-

You can Trick or Treat again this year! If you got the basket last year for three gems then you can use it again this year. If you did not then there is a new basket this year!

It is a little overpriced compared to the one last year don’t you think?

-[ ourWorld adds Tax ]-

Well now all items on ourWorld cost 9.78% extra then they used to. That means a Mystery Box will now cost 33 Gems. I hate this update. Some cheap items will remain the same price and this only applies to items bought with Gems. The coin price will remain the same.

-[ Photo Contests ]-

Now at Catwalk there will be photo contests. They are like Fashion Contests except with photos. They will give you a category and if you have a photo that fits it you can enter it and possibly win.

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ourWorld goes Spooky

Click photos to enlarge them to greater detail if required.

  • Nevermore will remain the same.
  • Unable to retrieve photo of Boardwalk due to people standing around.

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October 2010 Resident Item

Click Image to make it bigger!

This is probably the coolest Resident Item ever! Place it in your Condo and then you can walk in to it! It is basically like ourWorld is giving Residents 100 Gems this month (a new condo room)! You can decorate the interior to your heart’s extent!


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ourWorld on the Android

Got an Android phone? Well now there is an ourWorld app but it runs pretty darn slow. I don’t have an Android but you might.

Info from Adam Conus (Wylde) the Costumer Experience Manager of ourWorld.


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Mystery Mart!

All Image Credits go to Zacky theskyplatform

Obviously something got messed up in the ourWorld code because according to the News Kiosk Mr. Mole brought the new items. But when you venture to Wonderland he has the items in the above picture but at least he brought three items he hasn’t brought in a while!

Items underlined in black are items that we, bloggers think are going to be really valuable one day. Items underlined in red are items that I am most likely going to buy today.

Hurry off to Wonderland!

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How to get Free Coins [Residents]

  1. Make a new account.
  2. Type in ‘test-mode 42’ and ‘cryptobiologist’
  3. Use your flow and sell any furniture or clothing you get.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 daily for about two months.
  5. After your new account has a lot of money visit the Raven Mart.
  6. Buy the cheapest item you can find.
  7. List it in the MarketPlace for however many coins your new account has.
  8. Buy it.
  9. You know have tons of coins!


I did this with the Tate Hair. Bought it for 80 coins and sold it for 64,480 coins!


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