Critter Garden Guide #2

Q. I think there are some new eggs. Are there?

A. Yes, there are some new eggs. Every other Monday ourWorld adds two new eggs!

Q. I had all the eggs unlocked but now I don’t.

A. ourWorld adds two new eggs every other Monday. The latest additions are the Water Fairy Egg and the Punk Pig Egg.

Q. How do I unlock the Yippy Monster Egg?

A. Just keep on hatching random eggs.

Q. Can I play Critter Garden on another site.

A. No. ourWorld created Critter Garden.

Q. I don’t have a Garden. How do I buy one?

A. Everybody has a Garden. Visit your condo and click on the button that says Living Room. You’ll see a map. Click on Garden.

Q. I can’t put my new theme in my Garden why?

A. I hate this too. You can only use the Farm Theme for your Garden.

Q. What happens when I unlock all the eggs?

A. Nothing at all.

Q. How do I check my friend’s scores?

A. Visit their Garden or check your Leaderboard in your Garden.

Q. Can I buy the Critters I hatch?

A. Yes, if it is Giga. They cost 10 gems each.

Q. When will another guide be made?

A. Guide #3 will be made whenever it is needed.

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