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Web Hunt #38 Answers

This Web Hunt will run until September 7, 2010. There will be 20 Winners!

1) Go to the “Garage” in Electric Ave. How many pieces of trash are lying on the ground?


2) Visit the Ultrawall, where you can earn free gems! Click on the “Videos” tab. Which video is showing and how many gems can you earn by watching it?

Halo Reach/2 Gems

3) If you walk all the way to the left in Soho, where does that take you?

Beat Street

4) What’s the most expensive item in the Lady King Furniture store?

Mansion Door – 32,200 Coins/Fountain 1 – 70 Gems

5) How much of a Flow Boost do you get when your character is connected to your Facebook account?

100% Flow Boost

6) What is your ourWorld username? (This is so we can give you gems if you win!)

Enter your ourWorld Username

E-mail the answers with “Web Hunt #38″ in the subject line to

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Fright Box 2010 Items

NOTE : This box is not on ourWorld yet. Keep checking the ourWorld Updates page for further info of when this box will be released.

COPYRIGHT NOTE : If you use this image please give full and clear credit to CK BraceFacee and JJ Jake1997. Remember I help Jake now.

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Mr. Moles Mart

I now blog at Jake’s Blog so that is why I put his name on this picture. Visit our blog here!

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Critter Garden Eggs [ Updated 12.08.10 ]

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Critter Garden Guide #2

Q. I think there are some new eggs. Are there?

A. Yes, there are some new eggs. Every other Monday ourWorld adds two new eggs!

Q. I had all the eggs unlocked but now I don’t.

A. ourWorld adds two new eggs every other Monday. The latest additions are the Water Fairy Egg and the Punk Pig Egg.

Q. How do I unlock the Yippy Monster Egg?

A. Just keep on hatching random eggs.

Q. Can I play Critter Garden on another site.

A. No. ourWorld created Critter Garden.

Q. I don’t have a Garden. How do I buy one?

A. Everybody has a Garden. Visit your condo and click on the button that says Living Room. You’ll see a map. Click on Garden.

Q. I can’t put my new theme in my Garden why?

A. I hate this too. You can only use the Farm Theme for your Garden.

Q. What happens when I unlock all the eggs?

A. Nothing at all.

Q. How do I check my friend’s scores?

A. Visit their Garden or check your Leaderboard in your Garden.

Q. Can I buy the Critters I hatch?

A. Yes, if it is Giga. They cost 10 gems each.

Q. When will another guide be made?

A. Guide #3 will be made whenever it is needed.

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The Pier

The Pier is the second island you unlock. You unlock it by reaching level 2 so the Pier is usually crowded with low level players but you can also found some level 100s here a lot too. The Pier is home to Poker Cabana, Splatterbox, the Sky Scope, Snaps, and the PopCap Arcade. Continue reading for more info on these locations.

<—:::—Sky Scope—:::—>

Sky Scope is a way to view where ourWorld used to be…downWorld. downWorld was so boring that Azia created ourWorld so that people could have fun. People having fun makes for ourWorld’s ability to soar high in the sky.

Check out the graffiti Ani placed on the Ministry of Uniformity or the stolen dome. Or maybe even check out the upside down cow the Derrick dropped while remodeling (if you ask me I think it helped downWorld out color-wise). And if you have an eagle eye you might even spot the Loch Ness Monster!

<—:::—Pop Cap Arcade—:::—>

Play some killer arcade games in the Pop Cap Arcade! Play Zuma, Bejeweled 2, or Plants Versus Zombies. Also while you are here ask Doug Bot about his challenges and you can get some good flow, badges, and possibly even a decal for your condo!


Make an awesome picture in Splatterbox if you have skill. This place was originally located in Boardwalk but it was later removed and added to the Pier. In place of Splatterbox we now have the Arcade.

Make an awesome photo and take a snapshot of it so that people can check your skills out by just viewing your album!


On a date, with your best bud, or going to the prom? Visit Snaps and take a beautiful photo for just 10 coins! Snaps has plenty of awesome backgrounds! You won’t believe it till you see it. And if you happen to need help then Giselle would be more than glad to help you. And I’ll tell you she has amazing patients.

<—:::—Poker Cabana—:::—>

Poker Cabana is one of the main attractions of the Pier! Go play some poker in a hot tub and if you are over 13 then keep the coins you win! Also check out the Poker Cabana category here on this site to learn more about Poker Cabana!

<—:::—Soho Taxi—:::—>

Done with the Pier? Then visit Soho.

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Messenger Bags

Click Images for HQ

Click Images for HQ

[ INSERT Sugar Sweet Messenger Bag HERE ]

Click Images for HQ

[INSERT Sunset Messenger Bag HERE ]

[ INSERT World Sports Messenger Bag HERE ]

Click Images for HQ

[ INSERT Basic Messenger Bag HERE ]

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