Helper Tips


Starting a new Crew costs 50 Gems and requires the player be at level 25. Player’s who have what it takes can head to Crews Control on Electric Avenue and talk to Melvin.

To be a Helper, players much be at least level 40, age 13+, and have no record of conduct violations. They can click the “Live Help” link then “Become a Helper” to apply. The link will not be visible if they don’t meet the requirements. Most applications are reviewed in just a few hours.

The Crew Gem Elevator rewards all Crew members for the number of Gems they have collected over the previous month. Residents with full year memberships count as earning 150 Gems per month for the duration of their membership.

The Crew Gem Elevator’s requirements increase as more members are added, so adding members who do not purchase Gems will hurt a Crew’s Gem Elevator progress.

All players who have made at least one ourWorld Gem or subscription purchase can give Gifts. Players who have never made a purchase of any kind can spend Gems on gifts when their account reaches level 25.

Tourists that find Golden Keys can use them to win a special prize if they become a Resident on or before the day the Key is active.

Residents that find Crystal Keys can use them provided they are still a Resident on the day the Key is active.

Keys will reappear, so players who miss their chance to use them will get more chances later.

Players can have up to one Key at a time. Once a Key is used or expires,it’s then possible to find a new Key.

Helpers who run across players abusing the Live Help service should report them normally and type the keyword “livehelp” into the Notes of the report. Reports are confidential.

Volunteer Helpers have access to the special Volunteers Only section of the ourWorld Forum. Be sure to check it out!

Asking another player for a password is absolutely prohibited on ourWorld. OurWorld employees will never ask for one and Helpers should never ask either.

ourWorld cannot help with problems regarding Gambit or Super Rewards. Players having problems with those services must contact the service directly.

Players wishing to unlink their ourWorld account from Facebook can do that from their User Settings Page. Open User Settings and click Sharing to find the Facebook controls.

Each ourWorld account can only get the Facebook reward of 10 Gems and the booster necklace once. Each Facebook account will only award the Gems and necklace once.

Dance planet awards a random move each time the bonus round is completed. If you win a move you already have, you don’t get anything. Also, the move icon shown when you complete the bonus round will likely not match the move you may have won.

If a player has their chat deactivated for a conduct violation, they must contact to get their chat reactivated.

Players who wish to cancel their monthly ourWorld subscription should click Help and submit a Help Ticket requesting that their subscription be deactivated.

Residents who have purchased a yearly membership get 1800 Gems when they sign up, but do not get the 150 Gems per month that monthly subscribers get. Over the year, it the same number of Gems, but yearly members get them all at once and for less money.

To get the monthly ourWorld Newsletter players must be over 13, have Verified their account’s Email, and checked the Free Gems Newsletter box on the User Settings page. The Newsletter, with Gem Code, is always posted on the Help page for players who can’t or don’t want it sent to them.

Players who can’t use Prize Central most likely have a full inventory. If a player’s Condo or Personal inventory is full, Prize Central won’t work. They must sell some items to make room for new prizes.

Each Web Hunt has twenty winners. The first 10 players who submit correct responses win. After a week, 10 more winners are selected randomly from the remaining correct entries.

Because Gem items do not take up inventory space, the default setting for ourWorld accounts does not allow such items to be sold, except in the Marketplace. Players who wish to sell their Gem items for a few Coins can request unlocking this ability by contacting

Dance moves are awarded up to level 66. After that no more Dance moves are awarded for leveling up.

Players can earn Gems by inviting new players to ourWorld. Only new players provide the Gem award, however. Players who make fake accounts or invite players who already have ourWorld accounts will not get Gems.

Players under the age of 13 are subject to “White List” chat, limiting what they say to a dictionary of pre-approved terms. Names and numbers are specifically prohibited to prevent younger players from sharing personal information.

It is not possible to change the gender, login Email, or birth date of an account once it has been saved.

Links to the ourWorld Blog and the ourWorld Forum are found at the top of the ourWorld homepage.

Report players who are requesting passwords, Emails, or phone numbers, using profane, sexual, or abusive language, or are making fraudulent trade offers. Type the keyworld “livehelp” into the Notes of the report. Reports are confidential.

All players who have made at least one ourWorld Gem or subscription purchase can give Gifts. Players who have never made a purchase of any kind can spend Gems on gifts when their account reaches level 25.

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