Extra Chapter 3: Moon Shards

Moon Shards

After defeating the Sky Lord, go back to the man in Crystal Valley to receive your reward: the Silver Moon Shard. The Silver Moon Shard will give all of your main characters 5% resistance against black (physical damage) and open up the Moon Shard quest.

Extra Battle: The Gentle Giant!

How to enter battle
After starting the Moon Shard sidequest, talk to Armlus the Yeti. He will ask you if you want to battle for another Moon Shard. Accept the offer to start this battle.
Player characters
How to win
Defeat Armlus
  • Neraine and her tarots gain a level
  • Neraine gains a new ability: Moon Waltz
  • Acquire Azure Moon Shard
Difficulty(out of 10)

Strategy Guide

Finally you get a chance to challenge Armlus properly! He is, however, even stronger than before. Starting with a colossus 65,000 HP, Armlus is the most durable character that you have encountered so far. He also has 20% HP recovery, which translates to 13,000 HP recovery every turn! Armlus is built to last. Luckily, he is by himself!

The battle map is not very good since it is a narrow path. It takes lot of positioning for your whole party to participate in the battle effectively. You should have Death before fighting Armlus. Not only is her Essence of Sorrow useful, but her Soul Ritual will paralyze Armlus, thus nullifying his HP recovery.

The Fool’s Castling is particularly important in this battle. If you remember, you can use it twice per turn. Try to swap Nera away from Armlus after she performs her attack.

After you have gotten Armlus’ HP down to about 40k, use Nera’s use Soul Ritual on him and follow it with the Fool’s Soulburst, Plastma Solstice. Focus your fire on him for a couple of turns and you will win the battle.

Tips for this battle:

Use Death’s Soul Ritual. It is extremely useful on boss battles, especially if the boss is a melee-type unit.

After this battle, Nera will gain the ability Moon Waltz. If she has decent Magic, Moon Waltz is an excellent buff that can be used during combat. It will heal Nera and raise her power simultaneously.

Extra Battle: The Sly Warrior!

How to enter battle
After starting the Moon Shard sidequest, talk to Saber the Bandit in the Shining Cave. He will ask you if you want to battle for another Moon Shard. Accept the offer to begin this battle.
Player characters
How to win
Defeat the Umbala Xibua bandits
  • Gelyan and his tarots gain a level
  • Emi gains a level
  • Acquire: Crimson Moon Shard
Difficulty(out of 10)

Strategy Guide

The bandits are back, now with more power!

This battle is much like the first time you encountered Saber; however, he and his gang have gotten much stronger. His dodge rate is extreme at the massive 850, and that makes him pretty much immune to abilities with average hit rate. His ability to poison and act 4 times during combat doesn’t help much, either.

Death, again, is your absolute key to victory. On your second turn, have Death attack Saber with Iron Maiden, then have Nera use Soul Ritual on him as soon as possible before he tears though your ranks. After you have paralyzed him, focus your fire on his lackeys and try to eliminate them before Saber can act again.

Protect Sisily and the Magician, since they are your main source of energy. Without energy, the battle is lost.

Nera’s Crystal Ballad can deal a lot of damage to Saber. If you have a decent amount of Magic attribute on Nera, use Moon Waltz first in the beginning of the duel to improve your damage. Saber can only use his poison ability when he is attacking, so rest assured. You can conjure the High Priestess after Death has been Soulbursted, but it is optional.

Tips for this battle:

Use Death’s Soul Ritual. It is extremely useful in boss battles, especially if the boss is a melee-type unit.

Use field abilities if you want to make sure your attack will connect. Field abilities never miss.

Extra Battle: Double Date? Triple Date?

How to enter battle
After starting the Moon Shard sidequest, talk to Pino in Eden Forest. He will ask you if you want to battle for another Moon Shard. Accept the offer for this battle.
Player characters
How to win
Defeat the couple
  • Sisily and her tarots gain a level
  • Sisily gains a new ability: Warp Tornado
  • Acquire: Jaded Moon Shard
Difficulty(out of 10)

Strategy Guide

If you think the battle with the Trojan alone was challenging, think again. This time he is accompanied by Chio. Even though she only has one attack, her Vine Grow ability is particularly dangerous. Not only are the damage and range extraordinary, it is White natured and can destroy characters like Death or the Fool easily. Luckily, she will only attack the characters that are closest to her; therefore, plan your moves carefully to spread out the damage.

Use the same basic strategy that was used the last time you encountered Trojan. Have Emi support the party with Lightning Aura since her abilities deal very little damage to both Trojan and Chio. Emi actually makes a decent tank against Trojan due to her Yellow immunity.

You should avoid their range on the first turn, but don’t play too defensively. If Trojan decides to charge your party, it is a good chance to focus fire or disable him with Soul Ritual. It is advisable to take out Chio first, but as long as you don’t spread out the damage, you should be fine. Consider conjuring the High Priestess after you have Soulbursted Death. Her Essence of Life can render Trojan’s Thunder Beam almost completely useless.

If you were following the power build for Gelyan and have the Marksmanship Perk on him, use Gelyan to snipe Chio. He can damage her severely and out-range her. The Magician can also use Meteor Strike to hit her from afar without the fear of retaliation.

Tips for this battle:

After this battle, Sisily will get a new battle ability called Warp Tornado. Warp Tornado is similar to Crystal Ballad since it damages enemies both magically and physically. In general, Warp Tornado is weaker than Electrify Kisses but has a higher hit rate. Warp Tornado is effective even if the target has a high resist.

Extra Battle: Genie in the bottle!

How to enter battle
After you get all four Moon Shards, talk to Shackpot to get the Cursed Bottle. Open the inventory and use the Bottle to access the next battle.
Player characters
How to win
Defeat the Holy Egg
  • All character gain a level
  • Acquire: Flame Breath
  • Acquire: Holy Egg
Difficulty(out of 10)

Strategy Guide

Oh no, the Holy Egg is coming for you! The Holy Egg is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. With 120,000 HP, three powerful magical attacks, and two absolute shields, it will require a lot of patience and a perfect strategy to beat him.

Let’s take a look at our enemy. First of all, the Holy Egg is immune to all White damage; therefore, don’t use Jelly Shot or Plasma Solstice on it. Secondly, the Holy Egg has two kinds of shields: a magic shield that allows it to be immune to all Red, Blue, and Yellow attacks while taking 150% damage from physical attacks, and a physical shield that blocks all Black attacks while taking 150% damage from magical attacks. Luckily, only one shield can be active at any given time.

The trick is to know which shield is active so you don’t make a mistake. The factor that decides the active shield is actually the time when you fight the Holy Egg. For the first 30 minutes of any hour, the physical shield is active. For the rest of the hour, the magic shield is active. You can also test this by throwing a field skill, such as Meteor Strike or Thunder Rod, on the Holy Egg. If it doesn’t deal any damage, then the magic shield is active and the Holy Egg can only be damaged by physical attacks. The shield can change during battle. For example, at 7:29 PM the Egg will be immune to magic but at 7:31 PM it will be immune to physical attacks. The strategy to be used is entirely different depending on which shield is active.

1) If the Holy Egg is immune to Magic

When the magic shield is active, the Holy Egg will take 150% damage from all physical attacks. However, its attacks are still extremely dangerous. Your best bet would be HP leeching. Since the Holy Egg has relatively low defense, Death, Nera, Gelyan, and the Fool will deal very high damage to it.

Have Death use Soul Bond on Gely and Nera. With the Fool’s Essence of Slyness, your HP leeching will be enough to out-heal the damage you receive! Have other characters stand by to supply energy since Soul Bond will severely lower the magic attribute of your characters.
Alternatively, you may consider using Soul Bond on Sisily since her Warp Tornado can deal a good amount of physical damage. However, be careful that you still have enough energy to supply the attacks.

It may seem like a good idea to use Soul Ritual in this battle. However, unless you are about to finish it off, don’t use Soul Ritual too early. Even when paralyzed, the Holy Egg still can retaliate and losing Death’s Essence of Sorrow is a bad idea. Without Essence of Sorrow, Holy Egg can recover about 11,000 HP every turn.

2) If the Holy Egg is immune to Physical attacks

Even though the Holy Egg takes 150% damage from Red, Yellow, and Blue abilities, a magic contest with it still spells disaster. The Holy Egg has a Red, Blue, and Yellow ability, which means none of your characters has high natural resistance against its magic.

If you have Sisily’s Perk Basilisk Blood or Gorgon Blood, by all means use them. The Holy Egg has only 7 agility, therefore, those Perks will lower the amount of actions it can take during a duel to only one. That will effectively half the Holy Egg’s power.

Aside from Sisily and Gelyan, all other characters are in risk of being eliminated in a single duel; try to keep distance from it. The Holy Egg can only move 2 tiles per turn, so use the battle field to your advantage. Since your starting positions are at 4 corners of a big battle field, you can avoid fighting it for a very long time if you move properly. Likewise, bombard it with your Meteor Shower, Thunder Rod and Soul Eater.

If Sisily has been following a battle build with decent endurance and agility, you may be able to fight the Holy Egg directly with her. Having the Gorgon Blood or Basilisk Blood Perk is a must. If you have Frost Guard or Flame Guard, equip them too. Have the High Priestess heal Sisily after every turn, and have the Fool ready to swap her out of trouble if things turn sour.

When the physical shield is up, Gelyan is useless in this battle (unless you have Soul Pact). Have him bait and tank for a few hits if possible, but overall just try to stay out of trouble.

Tips for this battle:

  • There is a small cheat against the Holy Egg. If you want to fight the Holy Egg in another mode but the time isn’t right, simply adjust your computer clock.
  • Take advantage of the Holy Egg’s low movement points and the vast open map. Have a character run away if necessary.
  • If you have to fight the Holy Egg when its physical shield is on, use field abilities to damage it.
  • If you have to fight the Holy Egg when its magic shield is on, take advantage of HP leeching abilities.
  • Soul Eater and Soul Ritual will bypass the Holy Egg’s shields.
  • If Gelyan has the Soul Pact ability, he can also bypass the Holy Egg’s shields. Soul Pact can be obtained after a boss fight during the main story line.
  • You can go ahead with the next battle in the main story line to gain a level for your character and come back to fight the Holy Egg later if you wish.
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