How Do I…Make a Table

Making a table is relatively simple compared to some of the other stuff you can do with HTML. Most times when making a site or post there is an HTML option. For example on WordPress when making a page or post there are two tabs. A visual tab that shows you what the post will look like and a HTML tab where you can type HTML codes. On Yola when creating your site there is an HTML widget that you must insert in order to use HTML. There are many other examples I could use but I don’t want to make this post long posting all the examples.

This is the proper HTML code for a simple table.

<table border="1">

And this is what it looks like.

Hello Hello
Simple Simple

<tr> Makes a new Row

<td> Makes a new Column

</tr> Ends a Row

</td> Ends a Column

</table> Ends a Table

Do this help?

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