ourWorld Update November

This was the first blog post I ever made. Therefore I will not delete it.

Splatterbox is back, but this time on the Pier and in a cooler building.SplatterboxYou can also now play poker on ourWorld. Go to the Pier and you will notice that there are huts underneath. If you continue to walk you will find the staircase leading down to Poker Cabana. Poker Cabana is also ourWorld’s newest game.

Join your friends and play poker in a hot tub.

The entrance is between Azia and Snaps.

Poker CabanaNext to where Splatterbox used to be, which is currently the arcade, is a new store called ‘Otto Parts’. Get it? Auto Parts. Otto Parts. Of course the designer Otto designed this building.

Otto Parts sells skates, hoverboards, and skateboards so far, but there are many more vehicles soon to come to Otto Parts.Otto Parts

Stay updated with ourWorld through Drohca Ydoc.


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  1. #1 by randomcupcake on February 2, 2010 - 12.46 pm

    heyy, i have cheats for this awesome game! and first three ppl to em me get FREE GEMS, FREE UPDATES, FREE CHEATS ALL EMAILED TO THEM!

    * instead of going mawhaha in a evil way i laugh in a nice way…then eat a banana *


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